Lucky last shot

I got a lucky last shot in a game of VALORANT Replication. Was quite fun as I had to walk closer to the Jett opposite me. Clutched in the last 3 seconds!

Snowball fight is back on VALORANT!

An image of the post-game screen of the VALORANT snowball fight game. The screen shows two players, each clutching the MVP title for the respective teams.

Snowball fight is back on VALORANT! The mode is different from the regular modes, in that the primary gear is replaced with a snowball shooter. It does not offer agents the abilities though, and is based on the same maps as regular ones. My first game of the day was based at Icebox, where I … Read more


It had been a busy few days at my end. VALORANT greeted with a pleasant surprise tonight though. There’s a new map! Breeze! I have no clue how old this is, but I am definitely enjoy the new view.