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Launch Firefox Multi Account Containers faster using keyboard shortcuts

I was looking at Mozilla’s Github repo for Firefox Multi Account Containers for native keyboard shortcuts, when I stumbled upon a comment — a hacky way to launch mutli-account containers on Firefox using Mac OS’ keyboard shortcuts feature.

By default, Firefox does offer keyboard shortcuts to launch containers of your choice. The keyboard shortcut Control + . that comes natively allows one to allow open the multi-account container selector. Selecting the actual container has to be done manually using up/down arrows or using mouse.

There’s where this trick helps. Mac OS offers App Shortcuts to assign keyboard hotkeys/shortcuts to work at the app-level environment.

Launch System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App shortcuts to enter new hotkeys/shortcuts for Firefox.

Assign the hotkey/shortcut to launch File->New Container Tab->{Container name} and you should be all set.

Image showing Mac OS' settings to assign keyboard shortcuts for the Firefox app
Assigning keyboard shortcuts for Firefox, on Mac OS

This is the same as accessing the container using Firefox’s menu navigation at the top.

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Give it a spin and you should find yourself launching containers faster than ever!

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Limiting Facebook and Google activities to specific Firefox containers

Mozilla Firefox’s one of the best features is the ability to use multiple logins on a specific website at the time, using the Multi-account containers feature. This feature is available as an extension for Firefox on the desktop, since Firefox 57.0, Firefox Quantum.
Cookies are contained with the color-coded tabs on the same browser session, allowing one to use multiple logins of a particular website at the same time. You can learn more on how this feature works here.

I recently came across two plugins that takes this feature even further, making it very useful. Meet Facebook container and Google container.
The Facebook container is made by Mozilla, while the Google container is a fork by another developer.
When you activate these extensions on your Firefox browser, your Facebook and Google cookies are deleted. The next time you visit Google or Facebook, the respective content will open on a tab that is contained within this container.

A Facebook link contained within the Facebook container on Firefox Quantum

This means, Facebook and Google will no longer will able to read your activities on other websites. You can safely contain to browser other websites that you need, as usual, and these tabs will open on your regular container.

Only Facebook and Google sites will load on their specific containers.
Something even better is that, these extensions do not necessarily apply only to and domains.

I read the code a bit, and it looks like most Facebook-owned domains are listed which includes WhatsApp and Instagram.

Likewise blogspot domains are contained within the Google container.
It should be possible that you can extend this code to other domains that Facebook and Google own as well, or fork the original Mozilla code for Facebook container and write your extension.