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Twenty Three

Yup, I am totally stealing Matt’s format for birthday blogs.

I cannot believe another year has passed by. The past year has had its share of ups and downs, and I am grateful for all the experiences over the months.

I secured my second job with Automattic, in April, and that’s probably the best part from the past year. I always hated co-working spaces. Working from home has changed a lot in my life, and has given me the opportunity to push myself to spend time more productively.

When I first joined Automattic, I had chosen to work from 10.30am IST to 6.30pm IST. And now, I work from 5.30am IST to 1.30pm IST. Yup, we pick our own working hours at Automattic.

Waking up early in the morning isn’t challenging for me, as I used to go to a school that starts at 7am.

I work alongside some of the best talents and everyday is a new learning experience for me – I am thankful for this opportunity. I couldn’t have asked for a better team.

I have made many friends as well, at work, and I cannot wait to see them IRL. Automattic’s Grand Meetup (time when all of the company comes together and meets over a week) is happening the next week in Orlando, Florida, but I will not be traveling as my visa was refused. It is disappointing, yes. But, hopefully my chances are better the next year!

I also cut down my social media usage heavily, and started being more vigilant about online privacy and security. I moved away from Gmail to ProtonMail, and from Twitter to Mastodon. There have been times in the past when I deactivated Facebook but I never was committed to it. This time though, it’s been over 3 months since I deactivated Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram, and I haven’t looked back.

Outside of the work and online life, I also spend more time with my parents as I live with them now.

I don’t remember myself watching TV a lot in my childhood, but things have taken a strange turn this year – I watched Brooklyn Nine Nine, Big Bang Theory, Atypical, Designated Survivor, Riverdale and pretty much other shows in between.

I also started learning new programming languages, learned how to use Git, Github and I am excited about Gutenberg’s launch.

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WordPress is now 15 years old πŸ’–

🎁On the 27th of May, 2003, the first version of WordPress launched for the general public.
I didn’t use WordPress until 2010. I first discovered WordPress when I was in my 10th grade. That’s when I started using WordPress, for tech blogging.
It has been a beautiful experience since, converting my ideas to products and services, with WordPress. I am not a coder, but WordPress has made most of my dreams come true. These, otherwise, wouldn’t have been possible.
WordPress is not just a software. It’s an idea, an idea to help democratise publishing. “We want users, regardless of device or ability, to be able to publish content and maintain a website or application built with WordPress.” —Β accessibility page on WordPress. The community’s belief in this idea has made WordPress successful over the years.
In the past 15 years, WordPress has made many dreams come true. Many businesses thrive on WordPress. At the time of writing this post, WordPress powers 30% of the internet. 30% of all the websites on the internet run on WordPress!
Everyone’s success wouldn’t have been possible without WordPress. WordPress wouldn’t have been possible without the WordPress community, and I salute them.
πŸŽ‚Thank you, #WordPress. Thank you for changing my life. πŸ’–