Signal team is looking for Android debug logs

Signal has been down for over 20 hours, and the cause of outage seems to be steep increase in the number of signups in the last few days.

In a recent update, Android developers from Signal asked for the community members’ logs:

Hi folks! We’re trying to track down an issue where Android devices may be sending too many messages. Given we have no metrics, the only way we can get more information is for ya’ll to share your debuglogs. So please, regardless of whether you think your phone was acting funny, please post a debuglog here, or DM me if that makes you more comfortable.

If you are willing to help out as well, you may submit the debug logs here, or DM the author on their forum.

Signal’s explosive growth comes shortly after WhatsApp’s announcement of changes in their policies, which is further pushed by 3 months.

VALORANT Snowball Fight

VALORANT has a new event today! It’s a cute snowball fight mode, where you are spawned at random locations and shoot snow balls at the other team. This is very similar to death match, expect that this is a 5v5 mode. Gift boxes seem to spawn at random times as well, unlocking extra abilities. So far, I could obtain skates, rapid fire, ricochet and growball. No clue what the last two are. Check it out if you haven’t! No update required to the game itself.

Riot’s official announcement is below.

Bugged lobby

We just had a bugged loggy (or someone was hacking?) where we had two whites. I was swift and another player was Siege. I called the meeting, but the reports screen showed a notice that Siege called the meeting.

I was not seen on the reports screen either!