Safari tip: Tab key to highlight next items in navigation

If you use Safari as your browser on Mac, here’s a Safari tip to easily navigate to the next field using tab. Enable Press tab to highlight each item on a web page setting under Safari > Preferences > Advanced.

An image showing the Safari browser's advanced settings, enable tab key functionality for navigation between fields of a web page.
Safari settings to enable tab key functionality for navigation between fields of a web page

This comes in handy for me, especially because I spend a lot of time on reddit’s old UI. After typing a comment, I need to navigate to the Save button, and that requires a tab input. Unlike the modern reddit UI (which is really bad), Cmd + Enter hotkey doesn’t work for submitting comments here. That’s a tradeoff I can live with, as long as old reddit UI is available.

Know any other Safari tip? Let me know; I am trying to make it my primary browser these days, at least on my personal M1 chip MacBook. The battery life on this thing is amazing (but that’s a story for a different blog post) and I can further improve it by using Safari over Firefox. Safari pretty much ticks all of my needs for personal usage.

Zoom live captions

Not much know about it, but if you have any kind of premium account on Zoom, enable closed captions feature on Zoom settings so that everyone joining your (your account being the host) call can benefit from captions. Instructions here: Enabling and managing closed captioning and live transcription.

Once that is enabled, all members on the call can optionally turn on/off captions as needed.

The feature has a neat transcription history too! If you have to step away from the call for a few minutes, and when you come back to it, you can read the history.

I pinged Zoom to consider enabling it by default for all premium accounts, but they haven’t responded just yet. There’s no reason not to enable it, as the functionality itself has to be activated during the call.

Mac fn key: Remap to emoji picker

Great tip from Sindre. Apparently Mac OS settings allow one to map the fn key to the emoji picker. I use the emoji picker many times a day. This remap must be a fantastic time saver. Control + Command + Space is the default shortcut for those curious.

A stock image showing an illustration of a conversation bubble. In this post, you can learn about a Mac OS setting to replace Mac fn key as an emoji picker.

I like Slack-style emoji picker though, where I can type : followed by the emoji name. That displays a horizontal list to choose from, vs Mac fn key popup display. It’s considerably faster, but not all apps support that. I know only of Slack, Flock, Telegram and Signal as apps that support it.

Snowball fight is back on VALORANT!

Snowball fight is back on VALORANT! The mode is different from the regular modes, in that the primary gear is replaced with a snowball shooter. It does not offer agents the abilities though, and is based on the same maps as regular ones. My first game of the day was based at Icebox, where I clutched the MVP title with 15 kills.

An image of the post-game screen of the VALORANT snowball fight game. The screen shows two players, each clutching the MVP title for the respective teams.

Along with this update, a new agent by the name KAY/O is announced. Apparently they can block the enemy agents’ skills! I cannot wait to unlock them.

VALORANT: I like this post-kill effect

An image showing the post-kill animation VALORANT, a 5v5 character-based tactical shooter.
This makes a great background for a desktop, right?
An image showing the post-game victory notice on the popular tactical shooter, 5v5 character-based game, VALORANT.
Clutched to secure the game

On my latest VALORANT game, we had the lead at 4-3, and it was our final plant. 5 Viper agents vs 5 Yoru agents. My team sped to site A while I took the other direction. Besides one agent B, everyone else were A. Tackled the one at B and ran fast to the other site, via their base. We were 3-1 agents by that time.

The other 2 die. I backtrack a bit, reach mid ground, walk to site A, clutched with a final headshot. A nice blue background appeared as well, which apparently is a skill from Yoru. I am yet to try Yoru.

On that note, Replication is back on VALORANT! If you are yet to try, the game is available on Riot’s website.

Taildrop: free, p2p file sharing feature

Tailscale has been on my mind lately. It’s a fantastic software that’s available across multiple operating systems. It allows you to set up your own VPN network that you can connect to from anywhere. I use Tailscale to host my pi-hole nodes, a web server at home and my favorite use-case today is the new Taildrop feature.

An image showing the logo of the mesh VPN software called Tailscale. It offers a file sharing feature as well, called Taildrop.

It is a p2p (peer-to-peer) file sharing system that doesn’t upload your files to the cloud. Best of all, it works between two different works (laptop on WiFi and mobile device on mobile data) as well. That’s because it runs on the top of the Tailscale network.

It costs us, effectively, nothing to run, because it’s your bandwidth (mostly LAN bandwidth), not ours. We just bust some NATs and negotiate the session. Which is why we can give Taildrop away to everybody, for unlimited use, with no file size limits, as part of the Tailscale free plan. It’s also open source.

Avery’s blog post is a great read!

Replication mode on VALORANT

The new replication mode on VALORANT is, well, LOL. It starts with 5 players choosing an agent each, and there is a random selector that goes through the list of agents and one is chosen. In our case, it was Raze and the opponents were a Raze bunch too.

I don’t think I like this mode just yet, but I guess I must give it some time.

I cannot imagine how the gameplay would be like when everyone has players with the blind skill. VALORANT social media team give us a sample. Real play must be the same, only 100x worse.

Breach alerts throughout your domain

I am a fan of Have I Been Pwned. So far I have been using the service by periodically checking for my email addresses, or by depending on 1Password’s integration of that service. A much better solution would be to have Have I Been Pwned inform me of breaches that happen throughout my custom domains. Turns out that feature is available!

I have enrolled all of my domains with this new feature. It’s also neat that Have I Been Pwned needs to verify my ownership of the domain only once. I don’t have to leave the DNS records in place for future alerts.

You can sign up for alerts here — Have I Been Pwned Domain Search.