Google Drive backup for WhatsApp

A stock image of a label that reads Security.

Google Drive backup for WhatsApp isn’t encrypted. It is important for users to understand that, but a report shows that neither WhatsApp nor Google marketed so.

Lucky last shot

I got a lucky last shot in a game of VALORANT Replication. Was quite fun as I had to walk closer to the Jett opposite me. Clutched in the last 3 seconds!

Among Us roles 👀

An image showing the new Among Us gameplay with the new Discuss animation

Looks like Innersloth is working on roles for Among Us! I have enjoyed countless hours playing Town of Us. Can’t wait to see what official roles bring.

Zoom live captions

A stock image showing a mic with a black background

If you have a premium account on Zoom, do your deaf and HOH friends a favor by enabling live captions beforehand. It’s easy to set that up!

Mac fn key: Remap to emoji picker

A stock image showing an illustration of a conversation bubble

Mac OS settings allow one to remap the Mac fn key to act as a emoji picker. This replaces the default Control + Command + Space hotkey.

Snowball fight is back on VALORANT!

An image of the post-game screen of the VALORANT snowball fight game. The screen shows two players, each clutching the MVP title for the respective teams.

Snowball fight is back on VALORANT! The mode is different from the regular modes, in that the primary gear is replaced with a snowball shooter. It does not offer agents the abilities though, and is based on the same maps as regular ones. My first game of the day was based at Icebox, where I … Read more

Taildrop: free, p2p file sharing feature

An image showing the logo of the mesh VPN software called Tailscale

Tailscale’s new Taildrop feature is amazing. It’s a p2p file sharing system that you can use from anywhere, even from two different networks. Avery’s blog post which is included is a great read as well.