Basecamp’s HEY and Apple

I generally do not like DHH’s tweets, but this case is a bit different.

Monopolies mustn’t be allowed. Apple can crush software makers, small or big, just like that. On a closed platform like iOS, software makers are pretty much at the mercy of Apple.

I am glad to see DHH voicing Basecamp’s concerns in the public. Members from the EU antitrust division are looking into this issue, other companies are sharing their stories as well, and in the event something positive comes out of this, it’s not just Basecamp that would benefit.

It’d be all software developers publishing to the App Store.

1 thought on “Basecamp’s HEY and Apple”

  1. I like DHH’s tweets and agree with his philosophy, generally, on many tech and other topics. Although he tweets a lot (he agrees it publicly and also ack-ed his twitter activity can be noisy). So I usually mute him and catch up as and when I have time.

    Bummed to see Apple misusing its power 🙁

    I also grabbed my email address just today!


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