Managing WordPress widgets the easier way with "Enable accessibility mode" feature

Today I learned that WordPress has a nice built-in Enable accessibility mode feature that allows users to manage widgets with more granular control. Most often when I am supporting users, they find it tough to move widgets around. Same applies to working with menu items. 

I would often redirect them to /wp-admin/widgets.php instead of using the live preview that the Customizer offers. 

Getting back to the topic, when you open that page, you should be able to notice a Enable accessibility mode option under the Screen options section. 

Once this is activated, refresh the widgets page and you should be able to notice a different interface. 

Widgets section of a WordPress site with Enable accessibility mode enabled

The existing widgets on the right should have Edit button, and new widgets on the left should have an Add button. When you click either of the two, the widget loads on a special page of its own. 🤯

Individual pages for the widgets!

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